About Us

About Stronger than Cancer
Having empowered and united Malaysians against cancer for 50 years, National Cancer Society Malaysia (NCSM) is collaborating with Digi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd to build a reputable cancer resource and support platform that will benefit the public. Together, they believe in the importance of cancer education, prevention and early detection.
Designed with input from various trusted and reputable sources of information, Stronger Than Cancer is a comprehensive cancer information resource aimed to empower patients, caregivers, family and friends affected by cancer. It features a chat forum enabling users to share their knowledge and experience with other patients, caregivers and the public. Those with medical-related questions may post a query to the Ask A Nurse Topic.
Stronger Than Cancer hopes to empower societies at large by becoming a one-stop community mobile platform to facilitate quicker, reliable and trustworthy sharing related to cancer.

About NCSM
The National Cancer Society of Malaysia is a leading non-profit organisation in the country. We provide education, advocacy, care and support for those affected by cancer. Being a registered charity body since 1966, we depend on voluntary contributions from the public to run our programmes and services.
Our services are provided through our five centres:

The Cancer and Health Screening Clinics (CHSC)
Services available include digital mammography, Pap smear, HPV Vaccinations, ultrasound, guidance on Breast Self-Examination (BSE) as well as breast prosthesis fitting for patients who have had a mastectomy.

Nuclear Medicine Centre (NMC)
This centre is equipped with facilities that help scan and provide an early diagnosis on any abnormalities that may suggest cancer.

Resource and Wellness Centre (RWC)
This centre serves to provide patients, family members and caregivers with support and information. We hope to enable individuals to empower themselves in fighting cancer with treatment and life affirming strategies.

Children’s Home of Hope (CHH)
Accommodation is provided for childhood cancer patients and their caregivers who are undergoing treatment in Kuala Lumpur.

Quit Smoking Clinic.
We provide expert support to people who want to quit smoking at our clinic, offices, colleges & schools. 
Contact details:
General enquiries
03-2698 7300
Cancer helpline
Quit Smoking Clinic
03-2630 6670

About DIGI
We are a mobile connectivity and internet services provider enabling 12.2 million Malaysians to get the most benefit out of an increasingly connected world. With a strong legacy of product and services innovation delivered on Malaysia’s widest 4G LTE network, Digi now has an ambition to become our customers’ favourite partner in their digital lives providing relevant, personalised and engaging digital products and services that will further enable all Malaysians’ digital lifestyles. This is because we believe digital communication empowers everyone to improve their lives, build societies and secure a better future for all. Listed on Bursa Malaysia, Digi is part of global telecommunications provider Telenor Group and is a leader in driving progressive and responsible business practices. For more information about Digi, visit www.digi.com.my